Social Anxiety at its Finest

“You develop self- doubt from knowing that so many of your friends are having enviable fun.” I really agree with this statement in regards to having “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). My parents went to New Jersey to my oldest brother’s house to help prepare for my other brother’s wedding this weekend. I had a scheduled Friday class so I hadn’t planned to go, of course, it got cancelled and I had a really bad case of FOMO especially when my mom would FaceTime me or my sister would post a snapchat.

Why does our phones have so much control over us?

Why are we all of the sudden scared to talk to people in real life?

When we were younger, we would socialize on the playground or in class by sharing toys and what not…but that changes a lot once we get to middle school.

Security blankets- We use our phone as a way to avoid conversations and meeting new people. I know from personal experience I don’t talk to a lot of people unless we make an instant connection. When I walk into class I immediately get on my phone and check snapchat to see what my other friends are doing.

A lot of people I know will voice what’s going on in their life over tweets and its very depressing sometimes but they won’t show it in person, people seem to avoid showing emotion because it seems like a sign of weakness. Yet they don’t mind tweeting something about how depressed they feel right now or how sad they are about…

One tweet from a girl I follow that lives where I used to live comes to mind. On December 28th 2016 she tweeted “I have never wanted to die more than I have lately.” This really hit a nerve to read this on my timeline between memes. I could have easily skipped over this and not even noticed and that could have a much more serious effect if a lot of other people did it as well.

As a chapter, I feel like this one is very intriguing because I have a little bit of both sides, I prefer to FaceTime for the face to face feelings but I don’t want a literal face to face conversation.


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