Can I text my Manager?

I find it interesting that they said that online readers pay attention to the text whereas if someone was reading traditional text they are more likely to skim through it. I can relate to this personally, when I was in middle school I got placed in this program called READ180. The program was for students that the teachers believed struggled with reading comprehension. While I was in that class we did computer practice and I always breezed through it and made 100’s but when it came to a physical book I would make lower grades. I hadn’t actually grasped the meaning of what I was reading because I would always just skim it or “read really quickly”.

I am very familiar with the topic of audience and knowing that how you approach someone differs. Also, the tone you use when speaking to that someone depends on what you are talking them for or about. You probably wouldn’t text your manager or professor about not being able to come into work/class. And you probably would write a formal letter to your mom or your significant other.

I love the idea of reading my work out loud. I have a very bad tendency to write as if I would talk to someone and also to be very sarcastic without meaning to. This really hurts my writing sometimes when I don’t have someone to proof my reading to tell me something doesn’t sound too good. This is something that I will definitely start doing before I submit writing pieces.

“Avoid a Pedantic, Passive Tone” This section reminds me of the topics we would get for End of Grade testing in the writing section. Most of the time it would be some far-fetched open ended writing topic. For example: “One day you are walking home from school. You see a large, dirty glass bottle lying next to the road. You pick up the bottle and remove the top. Something surprising happens. Write a story about what happens next”. These writing assignments are a set up for passive tones in my case. I would always be reluctant due to lack of imagination or strict guidelines.


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