“I Hate Life”

I was reading “The Public Square” chapter for this assignment last night. All of the sudden I hear my phone buzz. My best friend, Samantha, texted me saying “OMG ROCHANI” “SOS(emoji)” “I hate life.” I immediately text her back asking what happened worried something serious had occurred. She responds by telling me about this guy she used to talk to, had class with him this semester twice a week & she didn’t know how to act towards him after things ended so awkwardly. I pause and think about how much of an “SOS” situation it was. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, all she had to do was act civil and go with the flow. We make everything seem like a big ordeal subconsciously through social media and over the phone that normally wouldn’t be a huge issue.

There is this app called Timehop, where you link all of your social media accounts to the app and every day you’ll get a notification letting you know what you posted on that day the year/s before. A week or so ago, I remember seeing a post from my 15-year-old self on Facebook saying “I seriously cannot believe what a joke my life is. FML.” Seeing this 4 years later, my sophomore year in college, I rolled my eyes and asked why I even thought it was cool to post something like that. 4 years ago, I got diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and I ended up being very depressed and peeved at the world. At that time, that was my way to “express myself.”

When I applied to college, colleges started looking at applicant’s social media accounts more and more. I set all my stuff to private and attempted to delete a lot of embarrassing things I had written or things that might make me look like I wouldn’t take school seriously. Like the Instagram photo with the two fancy alcoholic drinks in my hand at my friends “Sweet 16” birthday party. I think people should be more selective on what they post or how public it is for the world to see. It’s amazing to see what people post for the public to see.



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