Curious George(Rochani)

I’m really curious as to what my life would be like if I had technology at a young age. I didn’t have a phone until I was 16 and it got taken away if my grades weren’t to my parents/ brothers liking. I think the Family chapter stuck out to me a lot because I notice how much my parents are attached and rely on technology. My dad is always checking his emails or WhatsApp or watching TV shows he missed while at work. My niece is always playing with her iPad or her mom’s iPhone. She has an Instagram account that her mom controls but she still has access to it. It blows my mind that she knows how to access all of this and she has barely any rules for it. The newer generation knows how to use some of the technology better than we do.


Another chapter that sparked my interest was Solitude. When the author mentions the girl, who joins the Facebook group that said “I GOT REJECTED FROM MY FIRST-CHOICE SCHOOL”. I immediately thought this was a little much. But then I realized I related to this on a personal level. She wanted to have someone to relate to. She could have just processed that this was a fact of life, she didn’t get into her school of choice- accepted it and moved on. Instead, she decided to join a Facebook group- that made her realize two things, 1. She wasn’t alone and 2. She had people that would give her attention, sympathy…and that’s what everyone wants. I joined a group about Crohn’s Disease so that I would relate to people who were in the same boat to me. I could have written my feelings in a journal but I wouldn’t get the sympathy/ attention/ advice that I wanted. I wanted someone who would understand how hard this was for me at the age of 15. My aunt that has it is around 50, and she got the disease around 35, I know I couldn’t talk to her and have her understand what I felt.


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