Approaches to Inquiry.

I chose “Candida Höfer’s Wide Open Spaces”. I believe that the photographer was focusing on the artwork that was put into the theatre’s/ opera houses.  Instead of showing what the audience would see- the stage. The photographer decided to take it to another level and show what the performers see looking out into the audience. Some of opera houses are very simple and some are very elegant and have lots of seats/levels and some have one level.

Another photo “article” I looked at was “The Rickshaw Drivers of Kolkata, India”. This really stuck out to me because I’ve been here before and Rickshaws are like India’s version of taxis. Except the motor is a person walking on foot for a few cents. Some rickshaws are fancy and have padded seats, little trinkets and if the rickshaw driver is lucky enough, they have an actual engine- so they don’t have to use all of their willpower to get someone from one place to another. I believe the photographer was attempting to show the struggle some people have to go through to make a little bit of money to put dinner on the table for their family.

I believe that my research on Crohn’s disease would classify as inquiry, the disease itself is so complex it’s almost impossible to look up one website and believe you have all the information on the subject. Every case of Crohns is different- some people are lactose intolerant, some can’t eat some vegetables and some can. I can spend hours reading new research, case studies and reviews on medications. would be the website of my choice. I believe is the ultimate inquiry example. You can find anything from a rash on your arm to reasons why you might have a difficult time breathing. It is filled with so many facts and accredited information from doctors all over the nation.


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