Library Adventures

I have always thought of Atkins Library as a strict quiet library like the public libraries or even the one in my old high school. I have only been to the library once during finals time with a group. Other times I would just pass through or only go into Peet’s for coffee before Adolescent Psychology class. Going in there today I felt like it was a super useful place for all different kinds of things, there are lots of tables and sofa chairs for maybe 2-3 friends getting together, there were cubicles, and also the glass enclosed group study rooms that you can book in advance for more privacy. I had used the study room and found it much more efficient then trying to study in SAC at the dining tables as we had before. Going on the second floor I found that there was a lot more noise. People were constantly shuffling around and talking to one another which was very inconvenient. I noticed a lot of people socializing, playing games, watching Netflix while on this floor which I didn’t see on the first floor. I usually study (or at least attempt to) study in my room which has a lot of distractions. Noticing how easily I got distracted simply being on the second floor didn’t make it seem like a future go to study place for me. I think my favorite place is the really cool white “SMARTBLOCK” on the first floor. It seems like it would block my view from most of the outside world which is what I need since I get distracted so easily.

Going on the libraries website I was impressed. I searched an article on depression and then used the side task bar to narrow down by subject, the subject I chose was technology and society. Unfortunately, only two articles showed up when I did this but it’s definitely a start. I also thought it was very useful for them to show us how many computers were available to use, how many study rooms there were and how to book them. The library has lots of recommendations on their homepage as well as events that are at our disposal.


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