Research Blog #4 “The Netflix Effect”

The Netflix effect: teens, binge watching, and on-demand digital media trends

The Netflix Effect

Studies have shown that people are becoming addicted to Netflix. “When Netflix released all fifteen episodes of a new season of Arrested Development in the summer of 2013, reports showed that approximately 10% of viewers made it through the entire season within twenty-four hours (Wallenstein).” Actual Television shows are slowly losing viewers as everyone is slowly going to Netflix, Amazon, VOD, Hulu.

Binge watching shows have become very popular, being able to watch shows continuously without having to wait a week for the next show as normal cable TV shows are set up. Preschoolers now have tablets to use to keep them occupied, seeing that “… Disney opted to make the first nine “appisodes” of Sheriff Cal lie’s Wild West available for back-to-back streaming via its mobile tablet app. The app, aimed at children aged two to seven, was released in the summer of 2012 and generated over 650 million video views for Disney over the next sixteen months (Barnes).”

This article shows that Generation Y has changed the way television shows are watched. WE tend to lean towards apps that let us continuously watch tv shows all at one time- or at our own pace- for a flat rate.


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