Research Blog #7

Suicide on social media a cry for help

Some South Florida psychologists say young people today have an instinctual need to record and share what happens in their lives. And these experts worry that as more of these broadcast suicides occur, there may be copycats. Friends or acquaintances struggling with their own issues may be influenced by the outpouring over the loss of another teen on social media.

Referring to a previous research blog, the 14-year-old Nakia Venant the 14-year-old from Miami that was in foster care- was said to be sexually abused by a 14-year-old boy when she was 7. This made her act out later- acting sexually on social media. She was ordered intensive care therapy because she was determined a harm to herself.

Christine Chen, a Facebook spokesperson, highlights the company’s community standards. They have recently decided to add a way to report something during a live feed so they can stop the streaming and even contact local law enforcement if needed.

Ryne Sherman a professor at Florida Atlantic University says people take other people’s behavior as a guide for their own.

More and more people are seeing these live stream Facebook/Periscope and believe that if they feel upset/depressed or can relate to the person- and that person was getting some relief, then they should follow suit so they can get that same relief.

The most interesting part of this article is realizing how often this is happening and it’s not only in America. A lady in France committed suicide in 2016 by throwing herself under a train while recording herself.

This article does not relate to any other articles but it does show it relates to Mental Health Research and Medical Research. Im not exactly sure why it doesn’t have anything linked or tagged. It does have some professors that are knowledgeable in the area but there are not any links to any studies they’ve done just statements.

It makes me want to know how many people that are committing suicide on live stream have some sort of mental illness or past that has caused them to be traumatized. A lot of the people I’ve read articles about suffer from some sort of physical or sexual abuse as well as suffering from depression. I’m wondering if there have been cases of people live streaming suicides with no history of any psychological problems. I also want to know what other cases have been found of people outside the united states have happened and why.



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