Research blog #8

Facebook Addresses Growing Issue of Livestreamed Suicides

This article mentions Facebook’s new tool to try and prevent suicides on Facebook Live. Viewers have the option to report it.”Experts say that one of the best ways to prevent suicide is for those in distress to hear from people who care about them,” says a Facebook blog post. Once a video is flagged as “likely to include thoughts of suicide” an algorithm will be sent to a human working at Facebook and if deemed a true threat they will reach out to the person with resources.

Source #2

The disturbing trend of live-streamed suicides

“Psychologists also say suicides streaming on social media can have an effect on those who are watching.

Draper, with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, said one concern is the risk of copycat killings.”

This is very alarming to realize, people who are watching that might feel the same at the moment might believe that if this person can do it and its going to bring them relief then maybe it will do the same for me.

Facebook mentions that they do realize people use Facebook Live to share experiences that are occurring with friends and family and it does not violate their guidelines to do so, but if they do see something that does violate their community standards they will intervene and stop the live streaming of the video.


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