Editor’s Projected Inquiry

I started this inquiry project with a tweet from a girl I follow on twitter. She was depressed and going through some things in her home life. She tweeted some disturbing things like “and no one had responded or confronted her about this. This got me curious about what people do when they see something disturbing online. Do they intervene? Do they tell someone? Do they ignore it, thinking its just someone attention seeking?

I decided to look at this on a wider scale- empathy online.. does it exist anymore? I found that there is empathy online, its just not the same as it would be portrayed in person. From here i started looking at events that happened online that people could have possibly prevented. I found Facebook Live/ Periscope/ live streaming videos etc. had become popular to show others a violence crime. People have made live streaming assaults, kidnappings, even car accidents popular.

I found this very disturbing. I couldn’t seem to understand why someone would record them or someone they associate with committing a crime. In other words, incriminating themselves.

Then a new trend started. Live streaming suicides. Young teens and even adults committed suicide on Facebook Live. After a few of these incidents Facebook has added new options to stop the live streaming videos if viewers reported something if they believe the person is in danger and from there Facebook will contact the proper authorities.